About Us

Networks for Learning Africa is an online supplier of affordable new innovative, high quality information technology (IT) equipment for education and industrial application in East Africa. By making low-cost high performance computers and networking equipment accessible, we can enable digital innovation to solve social problems within our communities.

We have a close affiliation with Networks4Learning Limited, a social enterprise based in Glasgow, UK, and share a passion for promoting the use of the Raspberry Pi computer and other potentially trans-formative computing devices for computing and networking education for young people. We run a hands-on digital making, IT training program in through collaborative effort with universities in Kenya and other countries in the region.

Our Vision

Networks for Learning envisions a future where high quality, affordable, programmable computers and networking equipment are accessible to learners and their educational institutions everywhere in Africa.  

Our Motivation

We are driven by an awareness and observation that talented young individuals from our community in many cases face insurmountable hurdles as they seek to pursue rewarding careers in the IT field. We believe that the affordable IT products we sell - complemented by our training and mentoring program has the potential of inspiring our youth to pursue rewarding and sought after careers as computer hardware, software, and networking engineers.

Networks for Learning is also aware of the higher success factor that the vocational training route provides. As a team, we are bound together by a shared vision and passion of giving back to the community we live in and trade with, by sharing knowledge and promoting appropriate technology.